Have you ever been on a nice walk, enjoying the fresh air and outdoors, trying to take in the nature of your surroundings, only to be upset by seeing trash and litter? Have you ever had to stop your relaxing beach day to stop and pick up trash that’s been washed up?

Well, that happened to us a little too many times. We decided to do something about it, and build a community for others that are also feeling frustrated about the state of the envirnoment, and no options for us to sustain a live-able income and be able to help the future of the planet more full-time. 

Our Culture

We are a team of individuals that have taken hours out of our busy schedules to clean-up hiking trails, creeks, rivers, and beaches.  But the trash is still around, and we can only cover so much ground. 

We are a group of individuals that understand we must flip the script and set up a better way to build a future with a sharing economy in order to survive under modern Capitalism.

We are a women-owned company, that believes in a non-toxic work environment, healthy work/life balance, and our leadership style approach has helped us to mold and create more positive women leaders and managers.  If you feel you could be an asset to the Clean Earth team, feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

We are excited to connect with other Earth-loving friends and see how much of a positive impact we can make.  We know there is a huge amount out of people who are tired of working meaningless jobs to feed the capitalistic society, and want to have a higher purpose and help the Earth's future. If this is you, connect with us on social media! We want to build a more positive future with you.

The Movement

The #trashtag movement came around and we saw there are a lot of other people out there that are doing something about this.  Then the lightbulb went off!  This is how we can help the Earth from being swallowed whole by plastic pollution, and create a new approach to a circular economy.  

We sell non-toxic, earth-friendly candles and create a community of ambassadors to help further this type forward thinking business model, and step out of the out-dated capitalistic model that we know is unsustainable for the future. We will be implementing a Brand Ambassador program soon!